Document Management/ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables companies to save time and money by efficiently managing documents and information which can then be shared across multiple departments or teams.

ECM can provide a comprehensive solution for the entire document management lifecycle and is especially valuable for IT Professionals and Business Managers.ECM helps organizations digitize documents and automate document-driven processes, allowing access the information. In particular, these processes include:

Instant Document Capture:

Managing an organisation’s content begins with capture—the process of importing information into a digital repository.

Secure Document Storage:

With robust ECM systems, organizations can easily store business-critical documents in a digital repository, and instantly view or make edits to them.

Full-Text Search and Retrieval:

Instantly find documents by identifying specific words or phrases within their text, metadata, annotations and entry names.

Automation of business processes:

With digital automation, organizations can easily diagram the steps of a business process and automatically route documents to the right people at the right time.

Granular Document Security:

Take control of information across the enterprise by restricting access to folders, documents, fields, annotations and other granular document properties.

Digitally capture, route and approve forms:

Replace paper forms with electronic forms to digitally capture information and share it across the organisation.