5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Office Automation Technologies

Office automation refers to a combination of computer hardware and software used to digitally store, collect, create, manipulate and relay office information and data needed for accomplishing basic business operations and tasks. Office operations can include raw data storage, inventory management, accounting, tax invoice processing and many more.

Office automation eases your workload and involvement in mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the business activities that you enjoy. Investing in office automation technologies provides many benefits that optimise your business by saving time, money and human efforts.

1. Time Efficiency

Office automation saves a great deal of time and manual labour for businesses, by automating simple and complex tasks such as manual data entry and tax invoice processing. Most office workers lose up to 500 hours a year looking for documents, and on average, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information. With digital capture and storage, documents and data can be searched quickly and efficiently.

2. Cost efficiency

Did you know that the average organisation spends $20 in labour to file each document? Imagine how much money large organisations are paying just for document processing. With an office automation system, business processes can be easily automated and executed by the technology, eliminating the need to hire new people and resources to take care of those tasks. With saving on the overall expenditure on other resources, your profit margins are definitely going to improve.

3. Eliminating errors

Implementing advanced business automation software into your workplaces reduces the probability of human errors and increases accuracy. The average organisation loses 1 out of every 20 documents. For every misfiled document, it costs $120 in labour to find the original file, and takes about 25 hours re-creating each lost document.

4. Enhance security

With a document management system, there are multiple security features that allow you to have more control over files in a collaborative environment. Security features allow you to restrict access to files, deciding who can edit documents, add them and erase them.

5. Reduce storage space

Another great benefit of automation technologies is digital data storage. This includes the storage of important and confidential office documents and records. Digital storage eliminates the need for preserving hard copies, saving office space, paper and also the environment!
Document automation will transform your business from an unorganised stack of papers into an organised, structured and easily searchable digital storage system. Let Data Device help you organise your files so you have more time to do the business you really love!